How to gain quality feedback from your courses

How often have you been sitting at end of a day in a training course looking forward to running out the door and jumping in the car to beat the traffic? But then, at the last minute, you get handed a piece of paper with a series of questions asking you to evaluate the training course. So begrudgingly you quickly fill out the form….. Venue? Good. Speaker? Good. Learning outcomes achieved? Yes. You shove the piece of paper back to the speaker and run out the door.

This is a common experience which means that as a course provider you end up with a lot of meaningless course feedback. So how do you get quality feedback that helps you to improve your courses?

It’s often thought that if you don’t get a delegate to fill in an evaluation form at the end of the day then they will never fill it in, or if they do, then it won’t be fresh in their mind a day or two later. But what is better, lots of forms filled in on the day in a rush or informative feedback completed a few days later without the rush?

Here are a few smart ways of improving the feedback from your courses:

Make evaluation forms accessible 24/7

Using a course booking management system that allows you to create and deliver online evaluation forms is not only beneficial for yourself but also for you delegates. It saves you the administrative burden of printing evaluation forms and then collating the data from handwritten forms. It also means that you don’t have to try and interpret scribbled answers as all responses are typed.

With online course evaluation forms, delegates have the freedom to choose when and where they give their feedback. Maxcourse, an advanced course booking management system, gives delegates access to their evaluation form on any device. So they could even answer your evaluation questions on their mobile or tablet whilst on the train on the way home from the course.

Give them an incentive

We’re all time starved, so the likelihood of delegates filling out an evaluation form once they’ve left the course venue is very small. Often trainees have to prove that they have fulfilled a certain amount of continued professional development (CPD) hours by presenting a certificate to prove that they have attended a course. You can give delegates an incentive to complete their evaluation form quicker by only allowing them to access their course certificate once they have completed the evaluation form. In Maxcourse, this is a process which can be automated so you don’t have to keep track.

Automate the process

Monitoring the amount of feedback you are receiving can be a time consuming process. With an online course management system you can set a percentage level for the amount of evaluation forms that have to be completed before you are alerted to review that feedback.

Encouraging course delegates to take the time to fill in evaluation forms through giving them access online means that not only will the quality of the feedback you receive improve but the administrative burden is reduced for you.

Course management made easy

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