About us

Harnessing the power of software to enable continuously improving healthcare education management.

Who we are

Maxinity is a leading provider of exam and course management software for healthcare educators across the globe. Our secure software helps organisations drive improvement in their courses and exams. It does this by streamlining their management and using world-class analytics and reporting. 

Our focus on healthcare means we have a deep understanding of both your requirements and the quality assurance processes you need to adhere to. This focuses us on developing our software around those specific needs.

With a constant eye on what’s coming, we consistently innovate to ensure our software helps you drive improvement – not only now, but in the future too. This innovation is done in consultation with our clients – many of whom we have been working with for many years. This collaborative element to our approach means we can be certain that enhancements are genuinely useful to the sector.

Strong relationships with our clients are something we cherish, and we are always open to improvements. So, if you choose our software, you are not buying a static off-the-shelf solution, but rather one that is constantly developing and adapting as the world changes.

Working collaboratively with our clients means we can ensure that Maxinity software continues to drive improvements for them in the long term.

Our story

Our story begins in 2003. We collaborated with the Royal College of Surgeons to develop a software solution to test overseas dentists. It was for an examination that they are contracted to supply for a regulator.

At that time, no one provided a system that met their needs. So we developed a complete, new software solution that was successfully piloted in London, Edinburgh and Newcastle, as well as in Malaysia.

Following this, King’s College London conducted a study comparing computer-based assessment with traditional tests in high-stakes exams. Maxinity’s Maxexam software was chosen in the study after reviewing commercially available and university-based systems.

Word started to get around and we worked with more universities, colleges, and governing bodies. Through listening to their needs, we discovered that there was also demand for a complete course booking and management software system. The result was Maxcourse.

We now work with leading healthcare educators worldwide in the medical (including nursing), dental and pharmaceutical sectors.

The future

The world has been an uncertain place in recent years. Where others may have panicked, we just quietly got on with innovating to ensure our clients could carry on with their courses and exams whether onsite or remotely.

Thousands of exams have been developed and sat remotely on our Maxexam system, and we have introduced our own Active Invigilation Module for Maxexam (AIM). This enables our clients to have confidence in the results their students are achieving. Meanwhile our Maxcourse system has always been able to manage online as well as in-person courses. 

So, in the future you can expect to see Maxinity software continue to consistently evolve. We’ll keep developing, pushing boundaries and using cutting-edge innovation to ensure our clients are confident they are using the best solution.