Reduce administration and boost quality and attendance across your courses

Empower your team to run better courses

Do you want to change the focus of your team from administering courses to further improving them? Let Maxcourse help them unlock their time to drive value for your institution – find out more below.

Liberate your team from repetitive admin tasks.

Repeatedly creating new courses from scratch can be dull and time-consuming. Maxcourse automates repetitive tasks such as course creation, registration and scheduling, allowing your team to spend their time on more interesting and value-added projects.

Working together on courses is simple too, using the inbuilt peer review function. This means everyone can be kept up-to-date with what is happening, reducing the chance of error.

Crucially, managing your courses using one simple system makes it quick and easy to see those vital metrics you need to get an overview of course effectiveness and quality.

Maximise Attendance

Maximising attendance for your courses is simple really – with the right tools. If your target students know the courses are available for booking and you regularly remind them the course is coming up, then the chances of empty seats are far reduced.

Maxexam makes it simple for you to advertise courses both online and by email to relevant students as soon as you have created the course. Delegates can book and pay online 24-hours a day, and clear course availability icons let them know immediately if spaces are available – and if they’re not the intelligent waiting list informs them if spaces become free.

Regular automatic reminders and notifications complete the pre-course process, ensuring course attendance is maximised.

A Flexible, Intuitive System

Easy adoption makes the introduction of any new software much easier. Maxcourse has been designed to be simple and instinctive to use with its icon-based interface.

Flexibility is key in today’s world, and Maxcourse can be used to manage in-person or online courses – or a hybrid of the two if that’s what’s required. It can also integrate with e-learning providers such as Moodle to offer a seamless experience for delegates.

Administrators, academics and delegates all have their own managed access 24-hours per day, and integration with the Health Education online payment system means taking bookings is effortless.

When the course takes place, attendance logging and downloadable course programmes and handouts help everything run smoothly on the day. Customisable evaluation forms and a linked CPD certificate download function mean Maxcourse continues to support your organisational objectives and your delegates even after the course has finished.

Stay on top of your numbers

One of the biggest challenges facing education providers is maximising the use of stretched resources. To do this you need to understand in detail how they are currently being utilised.

Maxcourse’s integrated reporting suite allows you to easily run reports on finance, course, user, lecturer and more. If you want to run your own specific analysis, information can be exported into excel to enable you to run customised reports.

By utilising reports effectively, you can easily identify if there are any issues with non-attendance, cancellation, overspend or course completion and take action to improve the management of future courses.

Improve Future Courses

We work with educators who want to lead in their field. Maxcourse supports this aim. The software makes it straightforward to collect actionable student feedback on how well courses are meeting their needs and how they can be improved. This information, alongside other course metrics, provides you with invaluable insight on which courses to champion in the future, and how they could be developed.

Evaluation forms are key and can easily be customised and sent automatically on course completion. To ensure good completion rates, course/CPD certificates can be set to only be released for download once this feedback is received. This simple process has allowed our clients to gain much more, and improved, feedback than pre-Maxcourse.

Want to see Maxcourse working for yourself? Ask us about a free demo so you can see the power of the software and discuss whether it could benefit your organisation.

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