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Accelerate your exam development
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Like all progressive institutions, you are sure to seek continuous improvement – especially as technology shifts the boundaries of what’s possible. The table below demonstrates how Maxexam can help you do just that for your exams.

The power to create industry leading exams

Creating exams can be a time-consuming, difficult process. Given that the candidates of today are likely to be making the life and death decisions of tomorrow, it is vital that the outputs of your process are rigorous, discriminating exams.

Maxexam has been designed to make the development process as straightforward and effective as possible. Our intuitive interface, coupled with multi-access permissions and versioning, ensure that it all runs smoothly when you are designing exams and collaborating with others.   

To ensure questions are not over-used, our searchable question bank includes records of prior question usage. Blueprinting capabilities mean exams can be produced automatically for review based on input criteria.

Flexibility to run the exams you want, where you want

Healthcare exams are not one-size-fits-all, so we believe that your exam solution should reflect this.

Maxexam has been created to be used for all types of healthcare exams, including clinical exams such as OSCEs, and written exams. We work together with you to ensure that exams developed and delivered using our software meet your objectives, and that the move across from your current solution is as quick and pain-free as possible.

Our secure end-to-end system offers parity of delivery whether exams are run onsite or remotely, and with or without invigilation using the incorporated invigilation module.

When life throws a curve ball

2020 and 2021 were challenging years for education providers, when it was not possible to teach or examine students in person for much of the time.

Maxexam clients, though, did not need to worry about whether they could deliver their exams from a systems viewpoint. Our software has always been designed to be used wherever both exam administrators and candidates are based. Indeed many clients did proceed with their exams remotely using Maxexam.

Consistently innovating to stay ahead of the market is one of our core values. Recent launches include our own bespoke Active Invigilation Module (AIM), which monitors candidates for suspicious behaviour in exams and flags it so you can review what happened.

Drive improvements and exceed QA requirements

Maxexam has evolved over time in collaboration with our clients. The result is a robust platform which has been specifically designed around the needs of healthcare educators. This enables you to drive ongoing improvement in your exams and exceed regulatory standards. Features include:

  • Question building tools that simplify question creation.
  • Question and scenario banks that allow you to store questions and interrogate their performance
  • Question review tools which enable you to maintain the quality of exam questions over time – Identify poorly performing questions and then hone them until they’re fit for purpose.
  • Curriculum mapping so you can be sure you are covering the required curricula.
  • Blueprinting software enabling you to quickly build exams around specific criteria.
  • Advanced standard setting and grading tools, including Ebel, Angoff, Borderline Regression and more.
  • A wide array of analysis tools including Discrimination Index, Item Reliability and Pearson’s Product-Moment Correlation Coefficient.

Quicker, better feedback to candidates and exam managers

Automated marking means that candidate results are available to exam administrators immediately post exams. This allows for speedy feedback to candidates for both written and clinical exams. Sophisticated analytics and reporting options enable the provision of tailored feedback to candidates, for example in areas they performed well or badly, so increasing student satisfaction.

Standard setting tools such as Ebel, Angoff and Borderline Regression simplify setting a robust pass mark. Furthermore, statistical analysis can be run within Maxexam, and interrogated by the examining body. This helps to identify whether exams worked as intended – both to pass only capable students and to discriminate between the students.

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