The Future of Assessment

As assessment technologies become more advanced we take a look at what the future of assessment might look like. Could a robot be writing your next set of exams for you?

Virtual reality

The advantages of students being assessed in virtual environments are a plenty, which is why more and more research is being done into the use of virtual reality as a form of assessment. The ability to construct a variety of different scenarios and experiences through virtual reality makes for a much more flexible type of assessment that can be applied to many different subjects. As well as this, virtual reality has the potential of placing students in unique environments which can be highly beneficial to them in terms of being able to test their knowledge and skills in extreme environments that they may not have the opportunity to encounter otherwise.

Artificial intelligence

It’s well documented that artificial writers are creating and producing news stories all over the world. With this in mind, could we see artificial intelligence writing exam papers of the future? Assessment technology such as digital exam software already makes the process of creating exams quicker and more simple but could we see AI go one step further by actually writing exam questions? In high stakes assessments, this is quite unlikely. This is due to the importance of subject specialists being able to produce questions, however, we could see robots creating questions for formative or summative exams. Watch this space…

Gaming as a method of assessment

As educators strive to find innovative ways of testing students that are engaging, relevant and challenging it is likely that more traditional forms of testing will fall by the wayside. A lot of research is being done into how gaming can be used to effectively test student’s skills and knowledge and with education becoming increasingly gamified, could we see gamified testing become the norm in education in the future?

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