To Blog or Not to Blog?

To blog or not to blog? A question that millions have probably sat down and deliberated. But after answering this initial question it made us think, where did the idea of ‘blogging’ come from? Why has ‘blogging’ become so popular? Originally blogging was left only to those who had some knowledge of HTML but today even pets have their own blog. Why did we decide to blog? If you’re not part of the conversation then how can you learn? We have our own views, whilst we hope these might be interesting for other people, we are even keener to understand your take on these as ultimately that will help us to ensure we’re providing the right solutions.

Then came the next step, what should we blog about? When asking others in the team, a wide variety of ideas were given from developers coffee bean grinding habits in the office, to sitting exams by blinking.

This blog won’t be a diary of our daily coffee drinking habits but an insight into topics that we have found interesting or thought provoking, a place to pose questions and open up discussions. We do not claim in anyway to be blog experts so would warmly welcome your thoughts and any feedback.

So to blog it is!

Photo Credit:- Latteart_048 by Breville USA via